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Name: Ramon
Age: 8 yrs
Location: Brisbane
Illness: Cystic Fibrosis
Childs Vision Since: 2012

Ramon suffers with Cystic Fibrosis, and spends lot of time in and out of the hospital missing lots of school.

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Name: Kaitlyn
Age: 12 yrs
Location: Victoria
Illness: Brain Tumour
Childs Vision Since: 2012

Kaitlyn was diagnosed 9 years ago, a week before her 3rd birthday with an inoperable brain tumour. She underwent 12 months of chemotherapy and from then the tumour sat dormant. In the years following she had routine mri scans 3 monthly, then 6 monthly then finally it stretched out to 12months.August last year Kaitlyn started to get constant headaches, a mri scan was done to find that the tumour had started growing again, but this time had blocked the ventricles and she had fluid on her brain ,this of course was a huge blow to us all.Kaitlyn has an older brother and a younger brother and sister so it affects the whole family.Kaitlyn then had to have surgery and have a shunt put in at the R.C.H. she then had to undergo chemotherapy again.Kaitlyn has chemo every four weeks ,she is unwell for 2 or 3 days and gets very tired but she doesn’t like to miss out on anything and keeps pushing on. In January she was having her routine scan and they found more fluid the shunt had blocked so back for more surgery.Kaitlyn has had 7 rounds of chemo and has 5 to go, her veins are starting to collapse so getting the needle in is a bit tricky, and Kaitlyn is starting to find it all a bit stressful. We have to take each day as it comes and hope all will be ok.

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Name: Cheyenne
Age: 14 yrs
Location: Adelaide
Illness: Guillian -Barre syndrome
Childs Vision Since: 2012

Cheyenne is my 14 year old

Cheyenne became ill around September 2012 and she deteriorated around November by December she was unable to walk unaided. This was a very scary time for Cheyenne seeing specialists having blood tests and investigations.

Previously to this Cheyenne was a healthy child she had recently visited Malta with her Dad and Grandparents. On her return she complained of tripping up and not being able to run in fitness, she then went on to having difficulty in walking up and down the stairs and feeling dizzy.

All tests came back ok apart from her lumbar puncture which showed white cells. The specialist diagnosed her with Guillian -Barre syndrome on presentation at that time I just wanted a diagnosis and I that she needed Rehab. At this time I looked after Cheyenne at home with the help of my parents. We struggled with mobilisation, she couldn't stand up in the shower, we used a fold out chair. She went from walking on her own to being in a wheelchair.

Guillian-Barrre syndrome is an auto immune condition where the persons nerves are attacked by the body's own immune defense system.

When Cheyenne was diagnosed she was admitted at the WCH for around 24 hours where she was given Gamma-globulin(IVIG).

Cheyenne was then involved in the Ambulatory Rehab Therapy Program at the Women's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide. We are in our 9th week at present. We travel into the hospital 5 times a week. She receives sessions with a Physio and OT. Cheyenne was able to attend the first day of School at Gleeson College. Without the support of her teachers family her friends and Novita this would not be possible. Currently Cheyenne attends school three half days a week. School has been challenging, she attends school in a wheelchair which she copes very well with.

We met with her Neurologist last week he wasn't happy with her progress he wanted more tests and to discuss Cheyenne at the next neurology meeting. Functionally Cheyenne is getting better her arms are affected as well as her legs by this condition. She is learning to walk again. This week she was able to walk with a frame. Her writing is getting better and she is getting stronger. This condition has affected her proprioception.( In the limbs the proprioceptors are sensors that provide information about joint angle, muscle length and muscle tension, which is integrated to give information about position of limbs in space).She is unable to do up buttons, put bobby pins in her hair, put her earring in, open packets and unscrew lids. Cheyenne has challenges every day.

One of Cheyennes quotes that she wrote herself is:
Take everything as it comes!
Be determined to do the very best that I can do!
Be happy that your different because one day someone will love you for you And not what they see !

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Name: Jaana
Age: 16 yrs
Location: Adelaide
Illness: Conversion Disorder
Childs Vision Since: 2012

My name is Jaana Tanska, I’m 16 and I live in Adelaide. For the last 6 months I have not been able to walk and they have put it down to ‘unexplained signs and symptoms’. It all started Friday September the 7th, while I was at the royal Adelaide show, I started getting sharp back pain in my lower back. By the time it hit night time I was in agonizing pain, the pain wasn’t going away as days past. On Monday night I slowly started getting tingling in my toes that started working up my right foot, as it kept working up my leg I went to Modbury Hospital on the Wednesday concerning the back pain and the tingling in my right leg. I got to the hospital at 7 am and I was out but 8:20 am. I saw one doctor and he checked me out then sent me home with an outpatient appointment the next day. As my leg kept getting worse I went to the out patient appointment and the doctor referred us to go to woman’s and children’s hospital to see a neurologist. By this time it was Friday by this time my whole right leg was tingling and starting to get numb. On that Friday I had two tests, one blood test and a MRI on my lower back and they both came back fine. I was kept in hospital for the night and I woke up the next morning and it had started in my left leg, and still had sharp pains in my back. I was kept in hospital for 8 days and during that time I had one more test of a nerve conduction that came back normal. After those 8 days, I could only just walk by myself, and on the last day I was in hospital I started getting spasming in both my legs, but we didn’t take much notice to it. When I left the hospital I had follow up appointments with the doctors and physios. After about a month being out the hospital I was just getting worse and got to the point that I couldn’t walk by myself at all. I was then remitted to hospital for a rehab program, I was in hospital for 3 weeks doing physio twice a day, and when I left hospital I could walk suitably by myself. From that time I have had a lot of ups and downs with this condition but I am able to get around on my frame and I am hoping to start using crutches soon and progress from there.
I am still getting physio each week and having doctors appointments once a month.

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Name: Talina
Age: 4 yrs
Location: AUS
Illness: Immune System and Kidneys
Childs Vision Since: 2012

Talin is 4 years old and has just come out of hospital because of issues with her immune system. All the medication she had to take as a result of this has rotted away all her teeth and now given her kidney problems. We have already covered medications and now we need to get her specialised packs of superfood health products to repair her health back to its normal state. Her Mother also was in hospital with kidney problems and has just recovered enough to be out of hospital to look after her baby girl but is still going through issues and also needs superfood health pack. The next Stage is to raise enough funds for our illness support holiday program as the family is exhausted and urgently needs help.

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Name: Connor
Age: 16 yrs
Location: AUS
Illness: IDuchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Childs Vision Since: 2012

Connor is a 16 year old boy with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a muscle wasting disease which affects every muscle in the body. Connor walked at two and now is confined to an electric wheelchair.
Connor is intelligent and loves studying, he enjoys drumming( but this is getting limited now due to his muscle weakness) he loves drawing and designing concepts cars. He loves speed, enjoys fast rally cars and fast rides.

Connor gets frustrated with his life and he wants to be involved in everything. He now fully dependent on his family and we are trying to get some good carers for him so he can go out with them instead of always with his mum.

Connor was appointed Community Leader for his school, he was elected after giving a speech on bullying at school. Connor is persistant, he is always determined and wants to live a full life. Sadly it will be shortened by his disease if a cure or a treatment is not found. Connor is in Year 10 at school and he would love to attend University in the future he would like to be a concept car designer.

Connor is dearly loved by his family.

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Name: Keeley
Age: 9 yrs
Location: AUS
Illness: CAngelman’s Syndrome
Childs Vision Since: 2012

Keeley is a nine year old little girl who has Angelman’s Syndrome. This is a developmental delay with non verbal communication, she expresses herself by using her hands and she is able to follow simple directions ,she has no sense safety, and all her personal needs are met by her family.

Keeley is not toilet trained and will always be reliant on her family to take of her. She uses a manual wheelchair for long trips. She is always a happy little girl, she loves little children and animals, she approaches them all with confidence. Keeley attends a Specialist School and will do so for all her schooling. She is affectionate, loves hugs and kisses, enjoys playing with her brother Connor and being chased by his wheelchair.

Keeley loves water and bubbles and playing in her sandpit. She enjoys her dogs Bindi and Ambrose and is often outside playing with them.

Keeley is loved dearly by her family.

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Name: Wyllow
Age: 1 yrs
Location: Brisbane
Illness: Rett Syndrome
Childs Vision Since: 2014

Dear little Wyllow has just been diagnosed with Rett Syndrome which will cost the family $5,000 dollars that they do not currently have in order to purchase a special built needs chair and walker.

We urgently need the local community to help by donating to support this dear little girl Wyllow who is just 19 months old.

Please donate now to help us raise the funds before the 30th August 2014 so that we may purchase the chair in time.

Chair Description:

Jenx Bee Seating System on Y Hi‐Low Base (includes Flip‐up

Footplate, Flip‐away Thoracics with Chest Strap, Multigrip Headrest,

Angle Adjustable Nursery Tray, Pelvic Belt, Hip Guides and Angle

Adjustable Armrests ‐ NR04), Sandal Raising Block Kit (SRB1),

Lumbar/Sacral Pad (NB07) and Activity Bar. Suits children from 6

months of age to 4.5 years, or up to 25kg in weight.

Rett syndrome is a severe genetic disorder of the nervous system. It is usually only seen in girls and affects all body movement. It causes loss of speech and hand use. Girls with Rett syndrome need therapy to help them with movement and communication.

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Name: Alyssa
Age: 9 yrs
Location: Gold Coast
Illness: Childhood Cancer
Childs Vision Since: 2015

please help raise funds for Alyssa

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