Homeless Children Manila and Boracay

Childs Vision is opening doors to help these forgotten children.

Manila and Boracay has so many children living in the back streets sleeping on cardboard boxes with no money food or shelter.

We are in the middle of connecting with large organisations in order to help make a lasting change in these areas by providing food and eventually shelter to those young children in need.

The group of kids receiving their bags of food. The little girl in the picture is opening her milk on the side of the street after receiving her milk and fruit package from a Childs Vision Volunteer.

Jambange project

Jambange is in the village of Rimbik, in the Darjeeling District of West Bengal. It borders the state of Sikkim on one side and Eastern Nepal on the other.

Geographically India and culturally Nepali. It is 5 hours drive on a mountainous road to Darjeeling where the nearest medical facilities are available. Click here for more information.

Goldcoast Hospital Paediatric Ward WISH LIST

  • Library

    • Toddler Books

    • PreSchool Books

    • 5-9 Books

    • Pre Teen Books

  • Board games

    • selection

  • Video Games

    • Selection NON Violent

  • Computers

    • Loaded with movies that can connect to TV

  • Ipads

    • Fully loaded with games and movies that can connect to TV

  • Play toys

    • Lego

    • Duplo

    • Dolls

    • Fluffy bears

  • Drawing products

    • Crayons

    • Pencils

    • Painted walls

    • Paper

    • Activity Books

  • Movie screen TV

    • Large TV Movie Screen

    • Surround sound System

    • DVDS

  • 4 Interactive Panels

    • They have been ordered for the treatment rooms that are being especially made for the hospital to be mounted on the ceilings or roofs $100,000

  • Furniture

    • Kids Tables and chairs

    • Kids lounges

    • Kids bean bags with washable covers

  • Furniture Parents room

    • Lounge suites

    • Coffee machine

    • Photocopier, Fax, printer

    • Phone

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