Bali Earthquake

One of the motivated members of Childs Vision Dane Corby would like to support the families who fall victim to the massive earthquake recently. He will be personally going to Bali to some remote areas to help them rebuild their homes before the wet season hits them. Some families are in wheel chairs after the quake leaving them totally helpless.

Please help Dane reach his target of $5,000 to help rebuild their lives.

Kind Regards the Childs Vision Team

Byron Bay Surrounding Area

Dean and Scott professional Indigenous Aboriginal artists, painting beautiful and captivating dot paintings that are traditional to the Aboriginal culture to be sold to the tourists who visit this area.

Childs Vision’s Aboriginal Arts project Byron Bay and surrounding areas allocated its first batch of funds to pay for canvases, paints, and brushes.

Dean and his team are creating authentic made to order art on canvases for tourists coming into the Byron Bay area.

Uluru Cultural Centre NT

Childs Vision Aboriginal project took Grant on a research through the Outback to explore the endless opportunities that this part of Australia has to offer. He went to Uluru where the true spirit of Aboriginal culture lies.

Uluru Cultural Centre will tell you about all that Uluru has to offer. You can find out more about Uluru and its traditional owners through many interesting displays. You'll also find lots about natural environment - plants and animals and how Uluru was formed. There are lots of other facilities at the Cultural Centre - toilets, picnic areas and gas barbecues. You can buy local artworks, souvenirs, snacks and drinks from stores managed by traditional owners.

Childs Vision will provide canvases framed ready to paint on for the Cultural Centre and canvas for creating bookmarks. We will also provide them with paint for the artists to teach the local aboriginal kids.
The art pieces will be sold to the tourist market and the funds kept for the kids. The kids will be asked what they want it spent on to support their local community.

Alice Spings Yipirinya School

During Grant's research in Alice Springs he managed to establish many valuable partnerships regarding Childs Vision Aboriginal project.

Yipirinya is an Indigenous School in Alice Springs, Northern Territory. The school has an enrolment of approximately 200 students and caters for children from pre-school to middle school.

Yipirinya School caters for Indigenous students as it offers a two-way (bilingual and bicultural) education helping to keep Indigenous culture alive. It teaches literacy and numeracy and western skills following the Northern Territory/National Curriculum framework, and also teaches Indigenous languages and culture.

Childs Vision will donate all the necessary art equipment to the school for the students to get involved in Aboriginal art program.

Yipirinya School caters for some of the most disadvantaged students in Australia and would like your support. Please read how you can help from

Aboriginal project in Alice Springs

Childs Vision is branching out to support and keep alive the Aboriginal heritage. Grant visited the heart of Australian Outback, Alice Springs with the idea to get to know the local culture and the amazing people there. Also to collect valuable information to proceed with Childs Vision Aboriginal project.

Seeing those talented people it was certain that Childs Vision has to do everything to help preserve their culture, give them opportunities to express their talent and therefore stop the selling of cheap Chinese copies of Aboriginal art.

As a first step, Childs Vision paid for all the canvases and paint for the lovely Peggy, Eva and Margaret to sell their beautiful unique art in the Sunday markets at Alice Springs.

Gold Coast Holiday House for Terminally ill Kids

Gold Coast is an ideal location for a family holiday in a peaceful natural environment surrounded by wildlife. The Holiday House is fully maintained and there is a lot to do for adults and children likewise.

Gold Coast's Paradise Kids Holiday House is supported by Childs Vision and is for families with children with life threatening illnesses Australia-wide who will be booked in free of charge for a much needed holiday. The family can then enjoy some quality time together outside of the hospitals.

Families have access to following facilities:

- Beautiful Gold Coast Beach
- Running tracks
- Basketball, Soccer,
- Cricket, Football, Badminton
- Beach volleyball
- Bikes x 5 Adults and Kids
- Board games
- Books and movies

The Holiday House is comfortably located near Harbour Town Shopping Centre. The Holiday House has 6 bedrooms: 1 large room with double bed, 4 rooms with 2 single beds and bunks and 1 small room with 1 single bed, 3 bathrooms, an open living and eating area, a fully equipped kitchen with cooking facilities, 2 fully decked out verandahs with outdoor settings, kids playground ect. All the areas are freshly refurnished to make the holiday even more enjoyable.

Childs Vision provides families with necessary food items and meals can be prepared in the fully equipped kitchen. They can enjoy fine dining gifted by local restaurants.

The main mode of transport is bicycle or Childs Vision 8 Seater. There are 5 bikes in the Holiday House for the families to use for free donated by Kmart.

Families will be transported to the Holiday House by Childs Vision Driver.

- Dolphin pat and Train at SeaWorld
- Childs Vision Boat Cruise Whale Search
- Grilled Dinner for the whole family
- Go Karting at Extreme Karting Pimpama ( Age Restrictions apply )
- On available dates the favourite Childs Vision Monster Truck Rides Southport Broadwater Parklands

The Holiday House is accessible with wheelchairs.

Thank you to all our sponsors
- Super Amart
- Kmart
- Harvey Norman
- Amart Sports Bundal
- Masters
- Bunnings
- Robina Rotary Club
- Brisbane Airport
- GC Mayor
- Brisbane Lord Mayor

Annual Dinner Party

Childs Vision holds an all expenses paid dinner party for families with children with life threatening illnesses every November. It's a good place for parents to meet and feel that they are not alone with their problems.

The evening is filled with joy and amazing entertainment taking place in venues provided by our wonderful sponsors. The families can indulge in a 5 star dinner and enjoy some live music making this a truly unforgettable evening for the whole family.
There are exciting surprises for both adults and children likewise starting from magicians and ending with limousine or even real life fire truck rides.

All families receive a gift bag full of health food goodies to enjoy after the party.

Helping the Homeless

Childs Vision has been giving homeless people who are living on the streets a wishlist to get them back on their feet. We have offered them anything that will get them back into the workforce that they would need. Requested items are being purchased from our supporting outlets.

- Swags for comfortable sleeping are the most desired items
- Bread to prepare sandwiches
- Food
- Shavers
- Mobile phones for having a number to give to the employer when applying for a job.

Childs Vision delivers bread to Surfers Paradise Church Drop-in Centre on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on the need. The bread is collected from Bakers Delight in Oasis Broadbeach Shopping Center.
We also make deliveries to Rosies - Friends on the Street to support those who are marginalised within our community.

Aboriginal Murri Christmas

Murri Christmas is a Campaign that Childs Vision supports that brings Christmas cheer to those who miss out in Aboriginal communities, over the Christmas Holidays.

We share a beautiful lunch with around 300 souls at the spectacular Murri Christmas event! The highlight of the day is when Murri Claus hands out presents to over 150 Aboriginal children. Seeing the massive smiles across the children's faces is a proof of a very successful event.

Here is what Adrian Burragubba said after the last event:

We would like to thank everyone who came, participated and donated their time and items that made the day a success.
This was only made possible by the generosity of Childs Vision and the community. Murri Christmas did not have any funding or grants for this event and was supported by Childs Vision and the local community.


Aboriginal ELDER : Adrian Burragubba

Staff Rehabilitation Employment Program

We employ individuals to fundraise for us who cannot hold down a normal job because of the following issues:
- Alcohol and Drug Addiction
- Disabilities or Impaired by accidents
- Mental and Emotional Breakdown
- Families and Children Suffering Hardship

Childs Vision employs and re-employs staff who cannot hold down a normal job because they may fall back into their bad habit patterns because of the above listed reasons.

When they come out of their addictive state and realize they need immediate work Childs Vision employs and counsels them so they can earn immediate income so they may get back on their feet again.

This program ensures that as a charitable organization, as a whole Childs Vision is supporting it's local community in all areas.

Donors can feel good knowing that even Childs Visions staff income is also being used in a charitable fashion through our Staff Rehabilitation Employment Program. Nearly every employee of Childs Vision has gone through some sort of breakdown, medical condition, drug or alcohol addiction or loss of a family member.

Employees of Childs Vision begin to feel good about themselves as they help raise funds for kids with life threatening illnesses at the same time helping themselves get back on their feet by supporting their local community and becoming a benefit to society.

Aboriginal Art Classes

Aboriginal Art Classes for children is a project for children to learn about Aboriginal Culture and learn how to create sellable Aboriginal art. It brings indigenous heritage closer to children, gives them a place to express their feelings and learn about both art and history.
Childs Vision employs an Aboriginal teacher, therefore creates workplaces for Aboriginal people, and pays for all the necessary painting equipment IE Canvases, Paint, Didgeridoo wood, Boomerang wood.

Aboriginal Art has survived for over thousands of years and continues to be one of the oldest art forms practiced today.
Aboriginal Art consists of symbols that were used as a means of communication; communication of their lives on earth, their rituals, food, customs and also to show constellations and for ritual decorations. In many ways this is an opportunity for children to express their feelings and deepest thoughts. On the back side of the paintings they can write short stories what they are choosing to tell with the symbols. Also, doing art provides them with inner peace and feeling of happiness from what they have created. Art has always had therapeutic effects and we are trying to help children to feel better through art.

Children have a safe place to learn and be creative at the same time. Each session has a maximum of 5 children to give teacher the availability to work with each child individually. All classes will be put through out in the nature or at partnering schools. We will start with schools in Alice Springs, Uluru and Brisbane.

Once children have learned how to do the Aboriginal paintings they will also be able to sell their art at the Surfers Paradise markets to stop fakes coming from China and would give the kids great self-esteem seeing their work succeed.

One of the benefits is carrying on Aboriginal Culture among today's youth. It is important to keep traditions alive and teach children to respect their ancestors. Also, children will have a new place where they can express themselves and learn about their indigenous heritage at the same time.

Childs Vision Annual Christmas Appeal

Christmas time is the most exciting and magical time of the year for kids everywhere. But the harsh reality for families with children that have terminal and life threatening illnesses or injuries, is that the mounting financial pressures can dull the Christmas sparkle. Many families spend thousands on treatments and care and simply can’t afford the Christmas luxuries they would like to enjoy with their kids.

Every year Childs Vision team visits several hospitals across Australia and spreads Holiday cheer by delivering Christmas presents and smiles to sick kids who have to spend their holidays in the hospital. Over the past 5 years we have serviced Gold Coast University Hospital, Tweed Hospital, Lady Celinto Hospital Brisbane, Ballarat Hospital, Newcastle Hospital, and a hospital in Tasmania. Our aim is to expand to every hospital around the country and bring extra joy to those little ones who need it the most during Christmas Season.

Many of the children had been sad or crying on our arrival, but our jolly team of Elves and Santa Hand leave all giggling and grinning, parents and children alike.

This is the busiest, but most rewarding time of year for all of us at Childs Vision; as it drives home the real value and effect of what we set out to do. The joy and excitement on the faces of these children makes it all worthwhile and their happiness and bravery brings a tear to the eye.

We couldn't do this without our wonderful sponsors and donors. Please donate and continue your support so we could expand our focus areas and bring Christmas miracle to children in need.

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