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Give US a Hand to Change Children’s Lives

If you have a passion for charity work we need your help.

Childs Vision volunteers help for many reasons and come from all walks of life, yet all volunteers tend to share one common goal: we all wish to help others who are less fortunate than our self which in turn brings us internal happiness. 

Childs Vision urgently needs volunteers around Australia contribute their time, we need help in all areas from fundraising to administration.

"Our volunteers are the reason we can help others."

Why you would like to donate your time

Aside from wanting to work with others to overcome poverty, people are inspired to volunteer with Childs Vision for other reasons:

How to Apply

We have many areas and opportunities to suit you. We are looking for committed individuals so we can match you to the most urgent area in the organisation. 

To find out more about becoming a Childs Vision volunteer see details below.  This is where we advertise our current volunteer opportunities.  

Our website is updated regularly so that you can view new opportunities as they arise and then apply immediately when you see something that suites you.  

you will need to email us in writing for a specific volunteering opportunity.


Email for further details.


Thank You


Childs Vision Team

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