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Mission Statement

Mission:  "Help children who are compromised in their development to access their full potential".

To help children in these areas not just learn how to survive their life, but to thrive in areas suitable for their re-development.


Children’s Illness Support Health Program

When a child has been through surgery and consumed many drugs in their system they need to regain their energy and fuel the body with Superfoods to repair the vital organs in the body. They also need to feel like they are somehow a part of life considering that all they know is going from home to hospital. We do this by walking the child and their family through the following:-

a)      Counselling and Bereavement

b)      Supply the child with Superfoods to boost the immune system and renew the internal body from the support medication during dramatic surgery.

c)       To Gift each child with something that they have dreamed of having.

d)      Take the kids Whale Watching

e)      Take the kids to Seaworld to Swim with Dolphins.

f)       Take the kids to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to play with the animals

Holiday Cruise / Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Boat

This stage is for families with children that may not make it through their illness.

·        Boat Cruise / Whale Boat - To send the family on a cruise together for 1,2 or 7 days if the child may not make it so the family can spend quality time together. The child will receive a Superfood Pack, Dolphin Feed Pat and Train, Meals, and Accommodation. 

Bravest Child of Year Award will receive

This is for the child who has made it through the most devastating times and survived against all odds:-

·         Superfood pack

·         Choice of touch pad or new mobile phone

·         Choose the bike of their choice from Kmart

·         2 nights for the whole family at the Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort and Spa

·         Be on the front cover of Childs Vision Childcare Magazine and receive a Framed Award.

Staff Rehabilitation Employment Program

            We employ individuals to fundraise for us who cannot hold down a normal job because of the following issues:-

                  ·           Alcohol and Drug Addiction

                        ·         Disabilities or Impaired by accidents

                        ·         Mental and Emotional Breakdowns

                        ·         Families and Children Suffering Hardship

Childs Vision employs and re-employs staff who cannot hold down a normal job because they may fall back into their bad habit patterns because of the above listed reasons.

When they come out of their addictive state and realize they need immediate work Childs Vision employs and counsels them so they can earn immediate income so they may get back on their feet again.

This program ensures that as a charitable organization, as a whole Childs Vision is supporting its local community in all areas.

Donors can feel good knowing that even Childs Visions staff income is also being used in a charitable fashion through our Staff Rehabilitation Employment Program. Nearly every employee of Childs Vision has gone through some sort of breakdown, medical condition, drug or alcohol addiction or loss of a family member.


Employees of Childs Vision begin to feel good about them self as they help raise funds for kids with life threatening illness at the same time helping themselves get back on their feet by supporting their local community and becoming a benefit to society.


General Mission: To raise funds for projects that will provide sustainable benefits to the local children in Australia. Our approach is to use our alliances in Australia that are in need to ensure that our sponsored projects are completed efficiently and effectively so the children will receive the ultimate benefit.

Aboriginal Art Classes

Aboriginal Art Classes for children and elderly is a project for children to learn about Aboriginal Culture and learn how to create sellable Aboriginal art. It brings indigenous heritage closer to children, gives them a place to express their feelings and learn about both art and history.

Childs Vision employs an Aboriginal teacher, therefore creates workplaces for Aboriginal people, and pays for all the necessary painting equipment IE Canvases, Paint, Didgeridoo wood, Boomerang wood. The art is then sold at local markets and all income is used to support them and their local community.


Our Statement of Objects

The purpose of Childs Vision Pty Ltd is:

  1. to provide training and services for indigenous and disadvantaged persons in need of employment, and to assist them in the creation of their own business ventures throughout Australia; and
  2. to provide for direct relief of poverty, sickness, destitution, suffering and misfortune

Illness Support Holiday House and Resorts - Gold Coast Australia

The Illness Support Holiday Program is for children with a life limiting or terminal Illness. Families who can access this program live in rural and remote areas as well as other parts of Australia. Many of these families are unable to access support services due to financial hardship, family breakdown due to the effects of living with a child who is chronically ill and family separation due to hospital visits.


The Illness Support Program is for up to one week in a beautiful Holiday House or Resort. Childs Vision not only want to offer these special families some much needed time together but also some emotional support so they can take home new skills to cope with the continued stress of having an ill child.


During the week the families will experience the beauty of the Gold Coast with its many recreational activities. In addition, they will receive the benefit and support from staff and volunteers of the Paradise Kids, including:

  • Illness Support Program for the child with the illness
  • Counselling and support for the child and their parents
  • Support Programs for siblings of the child

The Illness Support Program has already supported many families and have more families on the waiting list.


To continue this much needed service ChildsVision need to have families sponsored so please help us with a kind donation. We appreciate any future sponsors or donations that directly help support one of these families. 


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