About Childs Vision

Mission Statement

Mission:  "Help children who are compromised in thier development to access thier full potential".

a) Kids in Qld that go to school without breakfast.

b) Kids in Australia that cannot read by end of primary school.

c) Kids in Australia with Drug and Alcohol addictions.

d) Kids in Australian with life shortening illness.

e) Kids in Australia that suicide before the age of 15.

To help children in these areas not just learn how to survive thier life, but to thrive in areas suitable for thier re-development.

Vision: Childs Vision is committed to raising the awareness of the often forgotten children who are poverty stricken, abused, indigenous culture or who suffer from life threatening illness ect. Our vision is that through our support, and the support of all organisations dedicated to this cause, these innocent children grow up with hope and opportunities that their children are not born into the same environment that they were.

General Mission: To raise funds for projects that will provide sustainable benefits to the local children in Australia. Our approach is to use our alliances in Australia that are in need to ensure that our sponsored projects are completed efficiently and effectively so the children will receive the ultimate benefit.

Our Statement of Objects

The purpose of Childs Vision Pty Ltd is:

  1. to provide training and services for indigenous and disadvantaged persons in need of employment, and to assist them in the creation of their own business ventures throughout Australia; and
  2. to provide for direct relief of poverty, sickness, destitution, suffering and misfortune

What makes us different?

There are a number of large humanitarian agencies and charities around the world providing great services to those in need. Where these organisations focus on providing immediate relief and support to poverty or illness, Childs Vision will focus on following, children in Australia with life threatening illness, shelter, schools, school products such as writing material and pens, sports and equipment, clothes, food. These initiatives are followed through with long term projects and continued support for the children, including child sponsorship for children in hospitals in Australia.

Strategic Alliances to Ensure We Can Get Access to Areas that Need Help Given the current environments in Australia and around the world many agencies have difficulty ensuring donations or supplies are provided to the people who need them most. We have volunteers on the ground floor of all of our projects to enable Childs Vision to directly ensure any goods for projects can be safely delivered to the right people in the right place.

Illness Support Holiday Program


The Illness Support Holiday Program is for children with a life limiting or terminal Illness. Families who can access this program live in rural and remote areas and other parts of Australia. Many of these families are unable to access support services due to financial hardship, family breakdown due to the effects of living with a child who is chronically ill and family separation due to hospital visits. The Illness Support Program is for one week in the beautiful Paradise Kids Holiday House. Childs Vision not only want to offer these special families some much needed time together but also some emotional support so they can take home new skills to cope with the continued stress of having an ill child. During the week the families will experience the beauty of the Gold Coast with its many recreational activities. In addition, they will receive the benefit and support from staff and volunteers of the centre, including:

  • Illness Support Program for the child with the illness
  • Counselling and support for the child and their parents
  • Support Programs for siblings of the child

The Illness Support Program has already supported 32 families so far and have more families on the waiting list. To continue this much needed service ChildsVision need to have families sponsored so please help us with a kind donation. We appreciate any future sponsors or donations that directly help support one of these families.



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