Board of Directors Greeting

Dear Friends/ Sponsors,

We wish you all a good new year full of health. The past year for our 'children' friends and dozens of volunteers, was very important. We were organized and along with all the involved bodies who are working against the children suffering, life threatening illness, abuse, poverty, disease we gave our fight successfully.

The community has embraced our efforts and they were encouraging us to continue our work.

Furthermore, we would like to introduce you our current issue of Childs Vision Child Care Magazine to know us better and the best way to support your childs health. We want to believe that our action will bring more friends, volunteers and supporters.

We would like to ask you to forgive us when we will knock on your door, come to your restaurant table or phone you to ask for your participation and assistance in our projects. All of you and all of us know that where people give love Childs Vision can supported children with a smile.

Kind Regards,
Board of Directors
Ross Hudson, Kevin Richards, Glenn Peace.



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