Background of the Jambange Project:

Project manager on the ground in Rimbik town is: Sunil Christie Mail to: Sunil Christie c/o Rimbik Bazaar
Sunil’s background: scholar ,author and writer Sunil lives between UK and India
Community: mostly Tibetan and Nepalese – mainly subsistence farmers

Location of the Jambange project:

Jambange is in the village of Rimbik, in the Darjeeling District of West Bengal.It borders the state of Sikkim on one side and Eastern Nepal on the other. Geographically India and culturally Nepali. It is 5 hours drive on a mountainous road to Darjeeling where the nearest medical facilities are available.

When did the Jambange project start?
The project started on Nov 19th 2008 with Ken Johnson and myself Mohan Govindasamy providing the funds to purchase the land. A year later we managed with our other team member Sunil Christie to build a volunteer center. This served as a useful location for visiting health workers to come and stay and provide some services. Since then the building has been used to house our many visitors and volunteers and so we had to begin to build a proper Clinic and Community Center. Once we got a bit of publicity thanks to the Australian Life Yoga magazine, we were able to engineer more of a substantial effort. Funds for distributing water tanks for the villagers was a great success as well as reducing the various water borne illnesses which were a bane on the locals. With proper water storage and education about water borne diseases, much was done to the relief of the locals.

The Jambange project will provide for:

Originally it was envisaged that the villagers totaling no more than about 2500 will use the facilities. Once the news was out of our water tank program and the Clinic being conceived, more and more far-flung villagers came to seek assistance. Even the monks from the village as well as those in the outlying areas came for assistance. This meant that our original concept for a small clinic had to be changed. The picture we included of the yet to be finished clinic is huge and able to do much more than for this small village. Obviously more people will hear of it and more will keep streaming in, hence the need for some stable and predictable contributions, like Crystal Castle’s, which will ensure that we have ongoing sustainable income towards the medical and medicines needed for the poor villagers.

Last year we raised enough money to purchase a portable dental chair, supplies, and have a dentist and assistant travel to Jambange to service the dental health of many children from the region, most of whom had never received prior dental treatment.

The main people involved:

Originally there was Ken Johnson, Sunil Christie and Mohan Govindasamy. However the circle has widened to countless contributors small and large in financial terms. Also providing on the ground Seva (service) is Maureen Charters (age70 of the UK), Gwen Bitti (Sydney Yoga teacher), The philanthropic Christopher and Lynda Dean, Adrian Millane and family. Julian Millane through his business Shikara Design of Byron Bay...Dee Tipping current coordinator of fundraising events …and many others.

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